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We spent the following 10 weeks in Birmingham, sleeping in a hotel, and spending our days sat by our sons bedside. Watching and helping him to start to mend his terribly broken body, he’d lost both legs above the knee, lost his left thumb completely, partial fingers on his left hand, as well as part of his hand, his pelvis had been shattered and he sustained some damage to his lower back.  As the hours turned to days, then weeks, we watched and waited as he underwent countless operations to help fix the breaks and close the wounds, we did what any family would, we encouraged him with his physiotherapy, and shed tears of happiness with every tiny achievement, we hugged him and wiped his tears on the dark days.

We had stumbled upon an issue that appears to affect many families in a similar situation to ourselves. Hours spent searching for information, countless hours on the phone trying to work out what you are entitled to, how you go about applying for what you are entitled to and what you need.
Don’t get me wrong, the MOD had been a tremendous support to us when our son was in hospital, but now he was discharged there was a large gap in the care and support package available to us.  As non dependents we were not covered by the MOD welfare program, the same situation occurs with many of the service charities, whilst we fully understand the financial constraints on these groups, it does not solve the issue of the lack of support for non dependents, so we had a choice, we could sit back and let it go, knowing that other families would continue to struggle, or we could start to do something about it.

We don’t aim for one moment to believe we can take away any of the pain or devastation families go through when a loved one is injured, but where we can help is by providing a support and signpost service when they are in need of it, we have been privileged to meet many family members over the past two and a half years who have shared their experiences, (both good and not so good) with us,so we are very aware of the type of situations that arise and need support through,  we are very fortunate to have built a wide network of connections covering the huge network of support and advice sectors nationwide, offering amazing facilities from equipment to counselling, financial to employment advice. We link very closely with many of the larger service charities who provide huge resources for families needing support, our aim is not to try to recreate any of the wonderful things they do, merely to make them accessible to those that can benefit from them.

Winners of The Game of Skills Competition

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